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  • I felt energized, felt like I got a nap, and a massage all at the same time

  •   the stone massage is very interesting

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  • I like the alternating temperatures of the stones on the back

  •   you can't describe the feeling, you just gotta experience it

  •  it's incredibly amazing what rocks can do

  •   After I got a Swedish Massage for the first time, I was sore for two days: with the stones I haven't hurt at all! 
  •  I slept so good oh, you’re like my new best friend

  •   This is one of the top 3 best Wedding gifts I received 

  • this is wonderful

  • I thought laying on rocks was going to be awful, but this isn't bad at all ! 
  •  usually I feel stiffer in my shoulder area with the work I do, but by the time the session was over I couldn't feel it

  •   I could smell the essential oils that were used, it was yummy!

  • Wow! I got goose bumps with the hot stones

  •   the state of relaxation I feel -- ahh! I don't know how much you charge, but it's not enough
  • on a scale of 1 to 10, I rate LaStone Therapy a 10

  •   the hot stones puts your mind into focus, centers you into the presence of your surroundings, then the cold stones bring you back to reality 

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