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Ancient Tradition

LaStone Therapy was developed by Mary Nelson-Hannigan, from Tucson Arizona. She is a Massage Therapist who had an injury to her right shoulder that caused her a lot of pain. On August 19, 1993, she was down by the river praying. She heard her Inner Teacher speak to her telling her to pick up the stones. After a couple of times of hearing this command she listened and because of her own knowledge of hydrotherapy and the natural healing powers of the heated stones, she decided to use the stones on her niece that afternoon. After the Massage, her niece told her that she felt so much better after this Massage than any other time she had given her a

Mary decided that she needed a method that would be easier on her and beneficial to her clients. She found by using the basalt lava stones they helped for physical and spiritual healing and well being and the cold marble stones helped with congestion, tightness and swelling in the body.
Massage, using hot stones has been performed for hundreds of years to address the many levels of healing necessary to help restore balance in the mind, body, and soul.

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LaStone History

Modern Interpretation
LaStone Therapy, as this ancient tradition is known today, was brought into modern day by Mary Nelson-Hannigan, from Tucson Arizona. Mary, a Massage Therapist, was given a vision during a meditation in 1993, of how to use hot basalt lava rocks for massage and healing, and continued to receive guidance on their use until it was developed into the methods we use today. This 21st Century fusion of Massage, heat, energy balancing and Aromatherapy combine to create a profound healing experience.
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