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Massage Therapy Services offered in Spokane WA 
All Massages are tailored to the individuals needs 
Some Benefits are:

  •    Deep relaxation with little amount of pressure

  •   Grounds, centers and balances your body, while releasing blocked memories in the body

  •   Warmth improves blood circulation

  •   Stimulates the circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems

  •   Helps to soften and relax tight sore muscles

  •   Nourishes the soul and relaxes the mind with a deeper level of relaxation for the entire body

  •   LaStone is ideal for back pain, and stress related conditions

  •   Instantly soothes PMS related symptoms

  •   LaStone Therapy balances all levels of emotional, mental and physical energies in the body

  •   Increases your overall sense of well being 

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Benefits of LaStone Therapy

Wonderfully warm, nurturing and very effective in melting away knots and stress in the body

LaStone Therapy is the application of thermotherapy, deep penetrating heated stones and alternating with extremely cold stones. The hot basalt stones draw blood to the area being worked, which nourishes the tissues and aids the release of stored toxins in these tense muscles, while the cold marble stones pushes the blood away, draining with it the toxins and waste products, which have been trapped in tense muscles.
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Body, Mind and Soul
LaStone is extremely energizing and warming for the body,
it nourishes the soul and relaxes the mind.

By using the stones in combination with traditional Massage Techniques, LaStone is able to reach deeper levels than a regular Massage. LaStone is ideal for back pain, stress related conditions and sluggish systems. LaStone Therapy is far more than a Massage with hot stones; it is a multidimensional treatment that reaches the very soul.
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